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Welcome to IBISWorld, Canada’s richest source of business and industry information. We provide independent, accurate and comprehensive research on over 400 industries in Canada. Our research reports include statistics, analysis and forecasts. IBISWorld has all the information to help you make better business decisions, faster.


There are flexible subscription options to suit you. Benefits include substantial discounts on report prices, exclusive data access and rates on customized data to help you move quicker than the competition, as well as outstanding personalized customer service!

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How is Industry Analysis Used?

IBISWorld Industry Reports are used for understanding market size, competitors, drafting business plans, pitch books, benchmarking, forecasting, business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and more.

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Clients use IBISWorld as an outsourced research department, for more thorough, accurate and cost-effective answers. Compared to in-house industry analysis, IBISWorld market research saves clients time and money. Call us at 1-800-330-3772 or click to learn about membership options.