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IBISWorld Industry Research Reports are 30 to 40 pages of in depth data and analysis. Each report contains nine chapters and 35 subchapters. For a better understanding of what goes into each chapter and how it can be used to make better business decisions, please click on the videos below.

About this Industry

The About this Industry Chapter provides an outline of what the industry is and what it includes.

It looks at the industry definition, supply chain, major players, main activities, similar industries, additional resources; and Jargon and Glossary.

You can use this snapshot to quickly assess whether this industry report contains the information that you're seeking.

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Industry at a Glance

The Industry at a Glance Chapter provides a helpful snapshot of what the industry does; its key influences; and past and expected performance.

Users can quickly gain an understanding of the industry's key points before delving in further for analysis, or this page can provide a succinct summary after reading the in-depth report.

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Industry Performance

The Industry Performance Chapter provides an understanding of the key factors (outside the control of an individual business) that help determine the industry's performance.

It also tells a story of the key events and themes that have affected the industry over the past five years, and how operators have coped.

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Industry Outlook

The Industry Outlook Chapter provides insight on forecasted changes in the key statistics, events and themes to affect industry performance over the next five years.

It also highlights the industry's current stage in its life cycle and what that means for its operators.

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Products & Markets

The Products & Markets Chapter, located within IBISWorld's Industry Research Report, provides a deeper understanding of what the industry does and details on how it operates and how different factors have affected industry performance.

This Chapter is made up of six sections that look at the industry's products or services, its markets, where the industry is located, whether it has imports or exports, its supply chain and how it differentiates itself from other industries.

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Competitive Landscape

The Competitive Landscape Chapter analyzes the external environment in which the industry is operating.

It discusses the level of dominance by the major players, the breakdown of cost structures, barriers that operators face to enter the industry and what differentiates one operator from the other.

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Major Companies

The Major Companies Chapter identifies key companies in the industry and provides case studies for the industry's performance.

This chapter can be used to benchmark against top industry players, identify emerging companies to target and identify how industry factors affected top players' performance.

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Operating Conditions

The Operating Conditions Chapter provides in-depth analysis on the external environment in which the industry is operating.

This includes factors outside the company's control, like capital ratios, technology required, an overview of the regulatory environment and whether the industry receives any form of assistance.

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Key Statistics

The Key Statistics Chapter provides readers with a snapshot of the industry in the form of straight numerical data.

Comprised of three tables, this chapter offers numbers on industry data, annual change and key ratios.

These figures are the basis for industry analysis, trends and storytelling throughout the rest of the report and are a must-have for all clients.

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